Bonds and Blood


A bond with a spider, A misfit Noble House, and a terrifying enemy, what more could a girl want?

What’s my name? Well, in Elista, the name you have before you become True-Bonded doesn’t matter. It’s only once you’ve been Chosen and Bonded with a Lumani, a Spirit-of-the-Mists, that you take your avatar form and gain your true name.

But I don’t end up with a beautiful name like Dove or Swan. Nope… my avatar is a spider and my name is… Legs. Yup, you wear one skin-tight, super-short dress and you end up with a name like Legs for the rest of your life. Also… a spider? Yuck.

And as soon as I gain my name and powers, someone tries to kill me. Luckily, I have friends, including a beautiful beau named Silence. Who wouldn’t want their man to be silent and beautiful? And when I get selected for a misfit Noble House, I find out there are many more hunks and hotties ready to stand by my side.

Now, I just need to find out who wants me dead while staying alive, finding love… oh and potentially saving a nation at the same time

Bonds and Blood is the first book in the Mists of Elista trilogy, an action-packed full-length Fantasy Romance with an ecclectic harem and a determined heroine who doesn’t have to choose.