Her Bad Boy Wolves Series

Co-Authored with Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance RH – She’s an Accidental Alpha with Three Sexy Betas

Jane Myers is a regular suberban working mother… until a pack of unruly bikers threatens her family. Normally she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but when push comes to shove she accidentally kills the leader of the biker band… and becomes their new alpha.

Because… they’re wolf shifters and that’s how their world works.

Luckily she has a one week grace period before anyone can challenge her for leadership, a challenge which is always to the death. She also finds herself with three betas who are willing to help train her and show her the ropes. There’s Colt, a blond and blue, moutain of muscle bear shifter. Bronn is a lion shifter, with black skin, dark eyes, and a broken soul. Last, but definitely not least, is Tyson a wolf shifter and leader of the three. He’s over six feet of brooding strength with dark curly hair, blue eyes and a fated bond for Jane.

Can she tame this pack and become their alpha in one week… only time will tell.



The Secrets Gods Keep Series

Co-Authored with Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance RH – When Three Demon Princes Fight, She Wins

Ana Baker has a thing for bad boys, and they have a thing for her. And just when she decides to change all that and turn her life around, a drool-worthy hunk traps her in an elevator and tells her…

She’s a demon.

And when her new Billionaire boss and a drop-dead gorgeous construction worker also express an interest, her “no men” policy starts to waver.

Also… all three guys are Demon Princes, and they’re willing to fight for her. New York will never be the same.

And, when the mob gets involved… Ana’s life will never be the same.



The Sister Spirits Series

Epic Fantasy RH – Two Heroines, Six Hunks, One Destiny

Asha has already found true love… and lost it. Uncertain if she will ever love again, she decides to dedicates herself to her kingdom by bonding with a Lumani spirit.

At Silverveil, she meets Dawn, a vibrant, rash, and reckless woman who’s hiding her own heartache and searching for her purpose. The daughter of royal parents who were busy ruling two nations, she doesn’t know yet what her calling will be but knows it’s not as a protected princess.

The two soon make friends with a pair of confident, sexy twins, Tail and Agate, and the tender-hearted Boulder. The men start cracking the walls around both of the women’s heart.

But more men and greater adventure awaits these two women, who may look quite different, but share a singular spirit.



The Mists of Elista Series

Epic Fantasy RH – She’s Destined to Save Her Kingdom

In Elista, the name you have before you become True-Bonded doesn’t matter. It’s only once you’ve been Chosen and Bonded with a Lumani, a Spirit-of-the-Mists, that you take your avatar form and gain your true name.

But I don’t end up with a beautiful name like Dove or Swan. Nope… my avatar is a spider and my name is… Legs. Yup, you wear one skin-tight, super-short dress and you end up with a name like Legs for the rest of your life. Also… a spider? Yuck.

And as soon as I gain my name and powers, someone tries to kill me. Luckily, I have friends, including a beautiful beau named Silence. Who wouldn’t want their man to be silent and beautiful? And when I get selected for a misfit Noble House, I find out there are many more hunks and hotties ready to stand by my side.


The Grecian Goddess Series

Co-Authored with Tessa Cole

A Portal Fantasy RH – A Magical Romp with Four Otherwordly Hunks

It’s winter in Chicago and Annie Chambers hates snow, yet when she slips on a patch of ice, she finds herself on a tropical beach. Is this a dream… or the world’s best concussion.

As long as she’s hallucinating, she figures she might as well enjoy it. And this dream lays it on… thick. What woman wouldn’t feel sexy under the heated gazes of not one, but four men who worship her body like a goddess? What woman wouldn’t feel inspired to be as bold as she’s always wanted to be?



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