Shape and Shadows


I kidnapped a prince and started a war… what else could go wrong?

I may have… accidentally… kidnapped the prince of Vauphan. Not to mention, the Vauphani people think I killed their king and queen, but I swear I didn’t do it. I was trying to save them… sort-of… not that anyone there will listen to me. That ship has sailed, along with a small fleet on its way to Elista in retribution.

And my small noble house is all that can stop them.

As for me… well, the man I love is missing and I think I may be falling for that prince I kidnapped (which was totally an accident, I swear). Things only get more confusing after I sleep with my best friend. It turns out, she wanted to be more than friends.

Now I just have to figure out whether I want Silence, my friend, a prince, or all of them (is that possible? I hope so) while surviving more attempts on my life, saving my sister, and stopping a war that I swear I didn’t start.

Bonds and Blood is the first book in the Mists of Elista trilogy, an action-packed full-length Fantasy Romance with an ecclectic harem and a determined heroine who doesn’t have to choose.